Frontiers in Delivery of Terapeutics

Startmeup is a partner organising the conference Frontiers in Delivery of Terapeutics, taking place on August 21-24, 2018, in Tartu, Estonia.


International conference “Frontiers in Delivery of Therapeutics”

The synopsis of the project:
The Conference “Frontiers in Delivery of Therapeutics” is an international scientific conference that connects the scientists from the field of drug delivery and drug delivery systems. The 3-day conference in Tartu has been divided into 4 panel event, where the most recent scientific breakthroughs will be presented and the visitors have the opportunity to attend the lectures, discuss the posters and make contacts.

Aims and Results
1) The main aim of the conference is promoting high quality sciencs by bringing together the top scientists all over the world and present the latest discoveries.
2) Networking, allowing the scientists to make contacts for future collaboration and cooperation.
3) To increase the prestige and visibility of the Estonian science.
4) To promote the young scientists. The conference is a perfect event for meeting the future employer, and to present him/herself. The young scientists have discounted participation fee.
5) To promote the local culture, to promote scientific mobility to/from Estonia.

The amount of support from the Enterprise Estonia – 30 000 EUR

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